Cold Smoked Turkey

$2 per pound, Turkeys range from 20-25lbs.

To order the turkey just click on the button below, fill out the form, choosing delivery date and time. No deliveries Thanksgiving day sorry. After we receive the order Josh the owner of Smokey J’s will give you a call to confirm. Then we will send you an invoice through PayPal that will allow you to pay online.

Bay Area, California only

Please do not order a turkey for outside the Bay Area

Very important fact: We are selling seasoned raw turkeys. The turkey will be brined and smoked but not cooked. Just throw it in the oven 4-5 hours at 325 and done. Best Thanksgiving turkey you have ever had guaranteed!


The Process


First The Brine

We inject our turkey with what is known as a phosphorus brine. No this won't make the turkey glow in the dark. Both apple juice and milk are high in phosphorus, hence brines with milk and apple juice are referred to as "phosphorus brines".  Phosphorus is a great tenderizer. Tender meat cooks faster, and less cooking time makes a juicier turkey.

The salt in a brine does something amazing on a molecular level. It actually changes the structure of the cells, allowing them to hold more moisture than they normally would.  Creating a super moist piece of meat. We inject brine and never soak, this keeps the skin crispy and delicious.


The Refrigerator 

Yes refrigerating the meat is an integral part of the process. Not just because it keeps everything fresh. The night before smoking the turkeys will sit in the fridge uncovered. The uncovered skin will dry out making it crispy. In addition that "tacky" feel when you touch the skin the next day is a good thing. This helps the smoke stick to the bird giving it more flavor. This is especially important when doing a cold smoke....which we are. Remember the turkey will arrive at your door flavored but not cooked. 


The Cold Smoke

Cold smoke is a bit of a misnomer. Smoke is of course always hot. This is a technique where we smoke the turkey at an extremely low temperature, about 160F. This will impart the smokey flavor with out actually cooking the bird. This is important because we are not selling cooked birds. Your turkey will come flavored and ready to roast.