Happy Holidays! Nothing says Merry Christmas like cured smoked meat. This is the Smokey J recipe for a whole smoked ham.

Choosing the ham is by far the most important part. The ham leg with the long bone going down the middle offers a far superior flavor then the ham shoulder. This recipe is a classic honey mustard marinade.

First the marinade:

150 gr. Brown sugar

100gr. Apple cider vinegar

200 gr. Whole grain mustard

200 gr. Yellow mustard

100 gr. Honey 

 Mix the apple cider vinegar and brown sugar in a pot. Cook over medium low heat until it comes to a boil, stir occasionally. The purpose of this first step is to make sure the brown sugar completely dissolves. Once this is done mix in the rest of the ingredients and put in the fridge to cool.

Preparing the Ham:

Score the ham with a chefs knife. Don’t be afraid to make deep cuts this will help the marinade penetrate into the meat. After the ham is scored rub the marinade over the ham make sure to rub the marinade into the cuts but be gentle. Once you have rubbed down your ham cover and refrigerate overnight.

marinating the ham.jpg


ham marinade.jpg

Apple Cider & Brown Sugar

Note the brown sugar has completely dissolved after boiling

Scoring, don’t be afraid to make deep cuts

Scoring, don’t be afraid to make deep cuts

Time To Smoke That Ham:

After the ham has marinated overnight time to put in the smoker. Cook at 225F for 4 hours or until you reach an internal temperature of 140F. I like to use half apple and half mesquite wood for the smoke. Apple wood is always good with any white meat and the flavor of the ham is strong enough to hold up against the mesquite. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!